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Jan Gryspeerdt Purdey Vanheghe Piet Lareu Annelore Bountens
Jan Gryspeerdt, Purdey Vanheghe, Piet Lareu and Annelore Bountens

Centre Public d'Action Sociale : SPAS


Social and financial department
- Information, social administration
- Financial aid
- Subsidy: for finances, housing, family
- Legal aid

Stimulation the action
- Housing
- Education and employment
- Community work
- Street worker

Kindergarten department

Care of senior citizens
- Service centres
- Household help
- Adapted accommodation with services
- Rest house

The Flemish partners in Inspirer

The city and the CPAS work together complementing one another:
- the city: a more technical know-how: execution of the projects
- the CPAS: an attitude centred on the individual, likewise the weaker society members

The common challenge is to renovate the neighbourhood without inhabitants to moving due to increased rent

The target neighbourhoods


target neighbourhoods 1 target neighbourhoods 2

Activity 1: Upgrading the standard of living

standard of living
Creation of green spaces in the target neighbourhoods

First tasks: in the social housing neighbourhoods
- Lange Munte neighbourhood 2009-2010
- Ter Doenaert neighbourhood 2010-2011

- Meetings
- Postcards
- Consultation hours
- Choice of plants

In the underprivileged neighbourhood
- Even more accessible methods for the participation of inhabitants are used
- Photos and plans of the neighbourhood
- On the occasion of festive events

Renovating a neighbourhood is not only a history of data and numbers

experiences of residentsListen to the experiences of residents and tell the story of the neighbourhood renovation
- co-operation with a socio-artistic organisation: "L'union des sans-souci"
- interviews with people
- 4 times in the union paper
- publication

Flower pots
- 200 fronts
- The first time: organised by the city
- Place responsibility on people

An attempt to involve the residents: adoption of green

selective choice 1

Activity 2: the selective choice

Testing of new methods:
- Compost masters
- Common compost

Testing new methods of information and promotion
- The mobile promotion unit
- Mounted on a trailer
- Visit the schools

A guide regarding the selective choice and wastes
- December 2010

selective choice 2Testing new methods in the large collective buildings
- Learning from the Medway experience

Environmental behaviour awareness
- Participation in the international cleaning-up days
- International exchanges between the residents will be an additional motivation

To organise a study tour for the partners in collaboration with the intercommunity IMOG of public health and waste.

Activity 3: energetic efficiency

The Kyoto neighbourhood project "energy hunt" neighbourhood
- The inhabitants of a neighbourhood try to reduce their energy bill together.
- At the beginning: an energy diagnosis of the building and behaviour
- Training for the "energy trimmers"
- A free package of simple interventions: insulation of pipes, tap flow reduction,..
- Monitoring of the results over a year by 3 different methods: voluntary, supported by the community worker in a social housing neighbourhood, by the community workers themselves.

Support the renovation of 100 private houses in the Veemarkt neighbourhood

Veemarkt neighbourhood

Promotion of existing allowances

Supplementary allowances for elementary renovations of private houses: the "now or never" allowance
- For owners or tenants
- Max 5,000
- For the lessors: linked to a maximum rent during 9 years or by a renovation contract
- Low-interest loan: 2%- 0% funds for the reduction of the global cost of energy FRGE
- Pre-financing of allowances

In combination with an intensive administrative and technical accompaniment during the entire renovation process.
Assistance dependent on the client:
- Decide on the necessary works
- Call for offers
- Calculate the total amount of the expenses and the available allowances of the various governments
- Regulate attractive financing
- Search for a temporary transit house for the family during the works
- Monitoring the works and controlling the invoices.

In combination with an information and awareness campaign
Information evenings regarding the renovation of the City Hall.
- How to insulate a roof?
- How to do something with a very small garden?

Pluimstraat 54: a model house and building site. All information on the renovation is free for public scrutiny.
- The offers and the invoices
- The allowances of the various governments
- The architect's fees

Thermal camera
- View the energy losses
- A very convincing method
- To be used by the other partners

The first results

OCMW Kortrijk 1 OCMW Kortrijk 2

And more

The exchanges of experiences
The making of a film
Participation in festive across-borders events
Organising and participating in study tours


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